Articles and Book Chapters


Emotional Energy, Relational Energy, and Organizational Energy: Toward a Multilevel Model (pdf)
Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior


Relational Energy at Work: Implications for Job Engagement and Job Performance (pdf)
Journal of Applied Psychology


How, When, and Why Recipients and Observers Reward Good Deeds and Punish Bad Deeds (pdf)
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes


Paying it Forward versus Rewarding Reputation: Mechanisms of Generalized Reciprocity (pdf)
Organization Science

Making Pipes, Using Pipes: How Tie Initiation, Reciprocity, and Positive Emotions Create New Organizational Social Capital
Research in the Sociology of Organizations

Adolescent Socialization and the Development of Adult Work Orientations
Research in the Sociology of Work


Discrimination and Psychological Distress: Does Whiteness Matter for Arab Americans?
Social Science and Medicine

A Dual Model of Reciprocity in Organizations: Moral Sentiments and Reputation
Oxford Handbook of Positive Organizational Scholarship


The Duality of American Moral Culture (pdf)
Handbook of the Sociology of Morality


Social Capital, Double Embeddedness, and Mechanisms of Stability and Change (pdf)
American Behavioral Scientist

Differences in self-rated health by immigrant status and language preference among Arab Americans in the Detroit Metropolitan Area (pdf)
Social Science & Medicine

Voting Your Values
with Connie J. Boudens. Evangelicals and Democracy in America, Volume II: Religion and Politics, edited by Steven Brint and Jean Reith Schroedel. NY: Russell Sage Foundation Press.

Values and Cultural Membership
with Amaney Jamal. Citizenship and Crisis. NY: Russell Sage Foundation Press.

Local and Global Social Capital
with Amaney Jamal and Mark Tessler. Citizenship and Crisis. by the Russell Sage Foundation Press.

Citizenship and Crisis
with Andrew Shryock. Citizenship and Crisis: NY: Russell Sage Foundation Press.


America the Traditional (pdf)
Changing Values, Persisting Cultures: Findings from the World Values Surveys


Enabling Positive Social Capital in Organizations (pdf)
Exploring Positive Relationships at Work


Moral Values and Market Attitudes (pdf)


Social Science in the Public Interest: To What Extent Did the Media Cover Culture War? (pdf)
The Forum

January 2005

Voting Your Values (pdf)

June 2005

Purple America (pdf)


Racial Segregation and the Digital Divide in the Detroit Metropolitan Region (pdf)
The Network Society: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Republished in La Sociedad Red. Madrid, Spain: ALIANZA EDITORIAL.

Social Networks and Loss of Capital (pdf)
Social Networks


Diffusion of Fraud: Intermediate Economic Crime and Investor Dynamics (pdf)
Criminology: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Crime by Committee: Conspirators and Company Men in the Illegal Electrical Industry Cartel, 1954-1959 (pdf)

The Small World of the American Corporate Elite (pdf)
Strategic Organization
Winner of "SO!WHAT" Award for Scholarly Contribution, 2005, best article in 2003 volume of Strategic Organization

What Creates Energy in Organizations? (pdf)
Sloan Management Review

Positive Organizational Network Analysis and Energizing Relationships (pdf)
Chapter 21, Positive Organizational Scholarship

Building Collaborative Relationships (pdf)
Leader to Leader

April 2004

Detroit Arab American Study
Preliminary Findings (pdf)    |    Technical Report (pdf)


Charged Up: The Creation and Depletion of Energy in Social Networks
IBM Institute for Knowledge-Based Organizations


Interorganizational Networks
Companion to Organizations

Breakthrough Leadership: Believe, Belong, Contribute, and Transcend
Organization Development Journal

Building Social Capital as an HR Competence
International Association for Human Resource Information Management

Modernization’s Challenge to Traditional Values: Who’s Afraid of Ronald McDonald? (pdf)
The Futurist


Modernization, Cultural Change, and the Persistence of Traditional Values (pdf)
American Sociological Review

The Widening Cultural Divide (pdf)
Center for Society & Economy

Serving Two (or More) Masters: The Challenge and Promise of Multiple Accountabilities (pdf)
Pressing Problems in Modern Organizations


Social Capital by Design: Structures, Strategies, and Institutional Context
Corporate Social Capital and Liability


Hazards of the Market: The Continuity and Dissolution of Interorganizational Market Relationships (pdf)
American Sociological Review


The Dynamics of Role Enactment
Self, Collective Behavior, and Society: Essays Honoring the Contributions of Ralph H. Turner


The Social Organization of Conspiracy: Illegal Networks in the Heavy Electrical Equipment Industry (pdf)
American Sociological Review


The Network Organization in Theory and Practice
Networks and Organizations: Structure, Form, and Action

The Sociology of Money (pdf)
American Behavioral Scientist

Information Networks and Market Behavior (pdf)
Journal of Mathematical Sociology

Introduction to Network Analysis for Managers
Connections, pp. 29-48

A Case of Network Analysis: Western Electric’s Hawthorne Works
Connections, pp. 49-57


Role as Resource in the Hollywood Film Industry (pdf)
American Journal of Sociology

Strategies for Managing Suppliers of Professional Services
California Management Review


Market Networks and Corporate Behavior (pdf)
American Journal of Sociology


What is Money? A Social Structural Interpretation
Intercorporate Relations: The Structural Analysis of Business


Three-Dimensional Blockmodels (pdf)
Journal of Mathematical Sociology


The Social Structure of a National Securities Market (pdf)
American Journal of Sociology

Floor Trading and Crowd Dynamics
The Social Dynamics of Financial Markets


Women’s and Men’s work in an Israeli Kibbutz: Gender and the Allocation of Labor
Women in the Kibbutz


Communal Diffusion of Friendship: The Structure of Intimate Relationships in an Israeli Kibbutz
Research in the Interweave of Social Roles

Management and Policy Publications


"Energize Others to Drive the Innovation Process” (pdf)
HR People and Strategy, Volume 42, Issue 2, Spring 2019


“The More You Energize Your Coworkers, the Better Everyone Performs.”
Harvard Business Review (Digital article, Sept. 15).


“Engaging Employees With Open Book Finance.”
Chief Executive (Digitial article, April 2).


“5 Ways to Get Better at Asking for Help.”
Harvard Business Review (Digital article, Dec. 18).


“Social Capital,”
Future—The Aventis Magazine, Volume 2.

“Using ‘Social Capital’ to Attract and Retain Good People. “
Personnel Development, Lightwave, January.


"Building Social Capital as an Organisational Competence,"
Mastering Strategy series, Financial Times, November.


"La Paradoja de Potentación."
Exito (Madrid, Spain).


"Networking: Folklore Versus Fact"
Employment Management Journal, 9:30-31.

“Desmitificar Las Creencias Populares.”
Exito (Madrid, Spain).

"Teams as Networks: Using Network Analysis for Team Development."
Training Today Chicago: Chicagoland Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development.

"How to Survive Downsizing,"
USA Today 123:74-76 (a public policy magazine not associated with USA Today newspapers).


"The Paradox of Empowerment,"
Chief Executive 93:62-65.


"The Phoenix Alternative: Redefining the Hospital's Mission," with Joseph Burger.
Trustee, 39:20-23. Chicago, IL: American Hospital Publishing, Inc.