More Reviews of America’s Crisis of Values

"The arrival of Wayne Baker's important book . . . is a welcome development. . . . By Baker's account, the perceived crisis of values is unlikely to disappear any time soon. One can only hope that pundits and politicians will take some time off from waging culture war to read America's Crisis of Values."--David Callahan, Political Science Quarterly

"Anyone concerned about American values in the larger world will be impressed by the elegance and clarity with which Baker treats this complex subject."--Choice

"Is America experiencing a crisis of values, as popular media and politics claim? In a word: no. Wayne Baker . . . give[s] the most comprehensive empirical analysis of the topic to date."--Contemporary Sociology

"…America's Crisis of Values is an important book that ought to be included in any seminar designed to provide background reading for our elected politicians."--Alan Wolfe, Christian Century

"Wayne Baker has produced a thoughtful and engaging work. Scholars interested in public opinion, values, and the discourse surrounding the culture wars in the United States should read America's Crisis of Values."--James A. McCann, Perspectives on Politics

[A] deeply provocative book. It raises many questions for further investigation, and it will reward careful study."--Barry Schwartz, American Journal of Sociology